Let’s try this one more time :)

Hello there,

So,I’ve decided that I should blog again. Last time it was just a random thing I’ve decided to do, a way to improve my English. I’ve just read all my posts and there’s not too many of them. Oh well.

But now it’s a new start 🙂 Basically, I’m just going to write about my life once in a while. Got to be honest- it’s not that interesting. However, for me it’s kind of a way to write a diary, my thoughts, achievements,etc.. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that :).

A lot has changed in the past two years. I’ve passed my exams, got into medicine university. The sad thing is, I got into a  payed spot, so I’m retaking one exam to get my free education(med school costs a lot). Nevertheless, I’m really happy that I chose to study medicine. I just feel that it is my thing, you know?

I’ve also moved to the city where my uni is. I come back to my real home on weekends tho, I miss my family and my dog. I love it in Kaunas,it’s a much bigger place than my hometown and you find new things every other day.

Well, I’m pretty tired at the moment and won’t write too much. This is just a small start for me.Who know, maybe this will become bigger to me :).

That’s it then.




Long time no see!

Wow I haven’t blogged in a while.. Lousy me :D. Ah well..

Anyway,I forgot my password so had to retrieve it. So here I go again ;D

Summer summer summer… It’s gonna end soon but it’s been so cool! I went to lakes, then to Latvia, Ventspilis. Weather in both places was super duper great! And there were also waves at Baltic sea- so HELL YEAH!

And now, last year of school is coming.. EXAMS EXAMS EXAMS.. Not looking forward to it :/.

But let’s stay on the bright side- school means shopping! And I did go shopping TODAY!

Here’s a list of what I got:

1) Fancy black dress ❤

2) Shoes for formal occassions 🙂

3) Jeans that are super comfortable!

4) A super cute blouse :3

5) Socks, underwear.. 😉

So I’m HAPPY! 🙂

And I’ll also have to buy school supplies too. I wanna find extremelly cute note books!

Another theme- stuff from auntie 😀

So,from her I got biology stuff(to prepare for exam)-not that interesting haha. But I also got a few pieces of clothes that I can wear on casual days. 2 blouses and some nice underwear. Plus my cousin put some bracelets,earrings.. So yayyyy!!! 😀

So yeah,those days were amazing :3

I’ll post pictures of stuff later on ^.^

That’s it from me now. Next time I’ll blog about tv series I think you should watch! Suggestion blog ;D

Till next time,


Casual days of the week

Hi there!

This week was pretty casual. Breakfast,cleaning,making meals,reading a great book,watching a movie… But the best part is of course-the beach. I was there yesterday too. The water wasn’t very warm but the weather was pretty hot so it was okay. We(with sis&cous) played with ball, did ridiculuos stuff (like scaring each other out or doing stupid noises underwater). Overall, it was fun.

And for today.. Well, I’m going to go to my garden soon, need to mow the lawn, collect the berries and stuff. Not really looking forward to it, but it is a must thing to do.

Anyways, don’t forget to check http://www.chictopia.com . It’s a really great page for vintage clothes, also, there is a great forum about everything, including giveaways.

Oh yea, the song. Well today I’d say it’s… Coldplay-Paradise. I’m sure you know it, so I’m not going to put the link.

So, I quess that’s it for today. Take care!