The week has ended. It was.. something. Wednesday and Thursday were a bit stressful since I had to study. The good thing is- it was interesting! I had to study about men’s and women’s reproductive organ’s histology and embriology. And I really really liked it. Because usually, I hate histology. So that was a nice change.

And then came the test. Passed it without a problem.

After that- the weekend. Ah.. The time to relax and binge watch your favorite tv-series..  I may have or may have not watched.. a lot of Grey’s anatomy.. again?! Ahh, it’s just the current season is on the break and I need Grey’s in my life! I’m currently on season 6. The orange has infiltrated my dear Seattle Grace Hospital. The new residents were really annoying back then. But now we love that oh sweet Japril, don’t we?;)

Also, I had time to finish my HP marathon. (Yes, I’m a huge fan). The nostalgia watching the last movie is.. beyond anything. I already teared up just because of hearing that beautiful HP track (I’m not sure if I’m using the right word here. Anyway, I mean-music). And even though I’m still quite angry that they left a lot of details out of the books, I still love the movie to bits. Because it’s Harry. His story. My whole childhood. The waiting in line for the new book. Reading the books, smiling, crying, getting angry about that git,Draco or Snape..   Even writing about it causes me to smile. That’s how much Harry Potter universe means to me. And it brings so much joy in knowing that so many of us are in this fanbase, in this.. way of life really. I just feel like I’m a part of something.. bigger, you know?

Ehm, anyway. Getting too emotional, I guess. Other than my marathons all I did was.. Relax. Home chores. Taking care of my pets. Taking calm walks and just listening to music. A perfectly calm weekend.

Oh, and also I finally got the letter about the Mystery bag that I ordered from Marzia’s shop. It’s finally been shipped! Oh boy, can’t wait to find out what items do I get!

And I’ll just end my post like this:

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?” –The Deathly Hallows




Another day.. another..

Moments of nothing-ness. Has anybody experienced that? I know I have. For example:today. Got up. Went to uni. Presented an article to the class. Got home. Ate. Studied for a bit. Watched Grey’s anatomy till now. Just a day full of.. nothing.

This just happens from time to time. When instead of living you just.. exist. Just for a while. Sometimes it’s a day. Sometimes- a week.

The question I ask myself is- why do I need this? Why does this happen? Am I so.. unsure of myself, so introverted that I tend to put myself into that tiny part of my brain that doesn’t want anything? Maybe.

But maybe it’s also just me trying to relax? Maybe it’s just the way I was made- when everything spins around too fast, I tend to slow down. For  a moment or two.

In the end, after those days filled of nothing I feel.. Better. Refreshed.

So.. That’s fine, right?

-A. M.

A pleasant surprise

You may wonder- what’s the surprise? Well.. it’s not that big of a deal. Thing is, I forgot I even had this blog! I guess I got so busy with university, summer jobs, etc, that I just kind of.. I don’t know, decided that this was not important? Which is actually kind of stupid if you ask me. Because even though nobody reads it- I don’t mind. This blog  is just a way to express my thoughts, kind of like a diary.

The point of this post is.. I guess there’s no big point at all! But does there have to be? I suppose not. Just some random thoughts of mine.

However, I am going to try and write more. Just for myself. Maybe to vent or to be happy about something. Because  writing did always help me to organise my mind. And that is always good, isn’t it?

So yeah. That’s it. I promise myself that I’ll write more tomorrow. Even if there’s nothing important to tell 🙂

-A. M.

P.s. I’m attaching this photo of me.. petting a rock? In London? Okay, weird, but I just want to do it.IMG_2181