Back from the village

So, I’m back from my village :). I’ve been there for only 1day but I had a lot of fun. We played volleyball like the whole day. We ate one of my favorite dishes- šašlykai. It’s basically grilled pieces of some kind of meat but it is very delicious. Anyways, I’d write more,but my laptop started to crash,so I’ll finish later. Cya! 🙂


So, I’m continueing this ;D. The weekend was really enjoyable. We ate a lot, listened to music a lot, played with a ball a lot, chased my dog A LOT. So as you see, it was amazingally fun! I don’t think that there’s anything more to say about that :p. So I’ll just leave a link to a song that in my opinion suits that weekend. So, here it is–>>

I wish you the funniest, most interesting and most enjoyable your future weekends!



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