So,since I wasn’t able to write much last time,today I’ll talk about yesterday and today.

So, yesterday(tuesday) I had a meeting with my friend.(girl,not a boy). We went to the city centre, explored tons of clothes shops, but haven’t found anything!!! Uhh, what a disappointment. But later we went to the accesories stores and I bought those really cool earrings.  I’ll post them in the next post(don’t really know how to do it in this one, sorry). After we got the earrings (she got one pair too), we went to a bakery, where I got a milk-shake with strawberries. Damn it was good! You know how it feels when you drink one on a hot day.. Well, later we got back, said goodbies and got home. After this meeting I haven’t really done something very special- just ate, watched a movie, a bit later went to walk with a dog&mum&sister(I don’t know if I mentioned I have a sister-well, now you know). Later on shower&sleep. Overall, tuesday wasn’t a bad day at all.

And now today. Well, I couldn’t say I’ve done something magical. Only went to the shop for some potatoes, cooked a meal(mum&dad are at work, so I have to cook today). But I really enjoy cooking, so that wasn’t something horrible to me. After doing this and other chores(like washing dishes,etc.) I watched a movie called “The social network”. It was actually pretty interesting, I recommend to watch if you want to learn about facebook.com creation and stuff. Here’s a link of this movie–>>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lB95KLmpLR4

After doing that I took a long walk with my dog at the local park. My dog was pretty happy. Maybe I’ll even post a photo of him later. He’s really cute and everybody likes him because he is very friendly. Also, I know that as for animal I should use “it” but my dog is a part of my family so I feel that I can call my dog HIM.  Anyways, after this, a.k.a. now, I’m writting at this blog. So I quess nothing more to tell. Well, maybe later I’ll watch some kind of movie. I don’t know yet..

Anyways, I think that’s it now. But before I end this I came up with this idea: every time when I’ll blog, I’ll post a link of a song that kind of describes my mood or it is just a song of a day. So here’s a song of today:

Why? I don’t know, it’s just this song that is stuck in my head all day.  So, that’s really all for today, so bye!(*Picture in the next post)


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