Friday-beach party

Yesterday was a nice day. It really was. Enjoyed every moment of it. Why? Well, let me explain why. I spend like the whole day on the beach. Swimming, sunbathing, playing volleyball,eating sandwiches,playing UNO,drinking cola.. That was really relaxing. And then,when we got back home,we bought some potato chips and watched a movie called “Despicable me”. We laughed so much! One of the best animated movies ever ;D. Later I went to bath, listened to some music and went to bed.. So as you see it was an enjoyable and relaxing day ;).

As for today,I’m still not sure what I’m gonna do. Maybe I’ll go to the city t try some mexican buritos and buy a milk-shake. Or I’ll just go to the beach again. Time will tell ;).

And now,the song of yesterday–>>

Enjoy your summer time!


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