Finally here again!

So, I’m finally back! I’ve been out for a while and have a bit stories for you :).

Firstly, I want to talk about 23rd of June. You know what day that is to us, lithuanians? It’s called “Jonines”. Well, for you it’s Midsummer day. For us it’s special. Since I live in Jonava, we have a wonderful time on that day. We have an amazing show with mini-shops, dancers,singers, all kind of contests, dj’s and finally -fireworks(my favorite part ^^). So I quess you already understood, that this celebration is quite cool. I’ll upload some photos of it later ;).

Also, at the same dame of the celebratrkion, a lil bit earlier I was at my moms work, the IR clinic. I want to study medicine, so it was really cool just to be there and watch. I got some tasks too- delivered blood,urine, later a surgeon showed me x-ray photo of broken ribs and explained everything, then I saw how the same surgeon takes a foreign body of womens chest out, also I saw how he removes hematoma of a mans leg. So it was pretty awesome. I can’t wait to go back there on friday!!!

Well, speaking about other days, they were pretty casual. Breakfast, hanging out with friend/sis/cous, going to the beach, walking with a dog, reading a book, etc.. +I registered at this cool online It’s really great,got lots of vintage clothes, so if you like vintage,you should really register there. It also has this great chic point system, so if you wanna get your free 10chic points, leave your e-mail here and I’ll invite you to the page, so we’ll both get 10chic points for free ^^.

Anyways, that’s it for now. Oh, right ,the song of the day. I’d say it’s Passenger- Let her go. It’s really a nice and calm song. Here’s a link of it-

So, now that’s really it. I’ll upload photos soon!



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