Casual days of the week

Hi there!

This week was pretty casual. Breakfast,cleaning,making meals,reading a great book,watching a movie… But the best part is of course-the beach. I was there yesterday too. The water wasn’t very warm but the weather was pretty hot so it was okay. We(with sis&cous) played with ball, did ridiculuos stuff (like scaring each other out or doing stupid noises underwater). Overall, it was fun.

And for today.. Well, I’m going to go to my garden soon, need to mow the lawn, collect the berries and stuff. Not really looking forward to it, but it is a must thing to do.

Anyways, don’t forget to check . It’s a really great page for vintage clothes, also, there is a great forum about everything, including giveaways.

Oh yea, the song. Well today I’d say it’s… Coldplay-Paradise. I’m sure you know it, so I’m not going to put the link.

So, I quess that’s it for today. Take care!




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