Finally here again!

So, I’m finally back! I’ve been out for a while and have a bit stories for you :).

Firstly, I want to talk about 23rd of June. You know what day that is to us, lithuanians? It’s called “Jonines”. Well, for you it’s Midsummer day. For us it’s special. Since I live in Jonava, we have a wonderful time on that day. We have an amazing show with mini-shops, dancers,singers, all kind of contests, dj’s and finally -fireworks(my favorite part ^^). So I quess you already understood, that this celebration is quite cool. I’ll upload some photos of it later ;).

Also, at the same dame of the celebratrkion, a lil bit earlier I was at my moms work, the IR clinic. I want to study medicine, so it was really cool just to be there and watch. I got some tasks too- delivered blood,urine, later a surgeon showed me x-ray photo of broken ribs and explained everything, then I saw how the same surgeon takes a foreign body of womens chest out, also I saw how he removes hematoma of a mans leg. So it was pretty awesome. I can’t wait to go back there on friday!!!

Well, speaking about other days, they were pretty casual. Breakfast, hanging out with friend/sis/cous, going to the beach, walking with a dog, reading a book, etc.. +I registered at this cool online It’s really great,got lots of vintage clothes, so if you like vintage,you should really register there. It also has this great chic point system, so if you wanna get your free 10chic points, leave your e-mail here and I’ll invite you to the page, so we’ll both get 10chic points for free ^^.

Anyways, that’s it for now. Oh, right ,the song of the day. I’d say it’s Passenger- Let her go. It’s really a nice and calm song. Here’s a link of it-

So, now that’s really it. I’ll upload photos soon!



Friday-beach party

Yesterday was a nice day. It really was. Enjoyed every moment of it. Why? Well, let me explain why. I spend like the whole day on the beach. Swimming, sunbathing, playing volleyball,eating sandwiches,playing UNO,drinking cola.. That was really relaxing. And then,when we got back home,we bought some potato chips and watched a movie called “Despicable me”. We laughed so much! One of the best animated movies ever ;D. Later I went to bath, listened to some music and went to bed.. So as you see it was an enjoyable and relaxing day ;).

As for today,I’m still not sure what I’m gonna do. Maybe I’ll go to the city t try some mexican buritos and buy a milk-shake. Or I’ll just go to the beach again. Time will tell ;).

And now,the song of yesterday–>>

Enjoy your summer time!

New day-new adventures


Today was a fun day. Did a lil bit of good things. Well, firstly I slept very well.(so that’s a good start of a day, isn’t it?) Then I finished reading this book named “Chick Ink” edited by Karen L. Hudson. This book was about women with tatoos. All of the stories were really interesting and inspiring. I event started to want a tatoo on my own. Maybe I’ll get it one day when a big event will happen to me. But maybe, I’m still not sure.

Anyways, later me, my sis&cousin went to the local pond and I finally swimmed at outside this summer. This was a big thing for me. Really, it was kind of important. It is always fun to do it for the first time every year. Only one minus-the water was pretty cold. But I got used to the temperature and had a really nice time. After that, we went to my cousin’s house and I took a really nice nap. I don’t really know why but I wanted to sleep after all of that swimming. Then later,when I got home, we ate some delicious vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries. Damn, that was sooo good. And even later I recieved big news- the results of my 10th grade exams. I got 9 from math and 10 from my native language! I was so happy and my parents were very proud. But my mum said that she always knew that I’ll do great. So now I have a great form in my results- I have only 9s and 10s, so I’m basically an achiever. Yay!

So, my day was kind of great. So today I picked this song–>>

Yea, I know, maybe it’s pretty lame, but I feel that now I’m able to relax and party because the school is OVER! TIME FOR HOLIDAYS!!!


So,since I wasn’t able to write much last time,today I’ll talk about yesterday and today.

So, yesterday(tuesday) I had a meeting with my friend.(girl,not a boy). We went to the city centre, explored tons of clothes shops, but haven’t found anything!!! Uhh, what a disappointment. But later we went to the accesories stores and I bought those really cool earrings.  I’ll post them in the next post(don’t really know how to do it in this one, sorry). After we got the earrings (she got one pair too), we went to a bakery, where I got a milk-shake with strawberries. Damn it was good! You know how it feels when you drink one on a hot day.. Well, later we got back, said goodbies and got home. After this meeting I haven’t really done something very special- just ate, watched a movie, a bit later went to walk with a dog&mum&sister(I don’t know if I mentioned I have a sister-well, now you know). Later on shower&sleep. Overall, tuesday wasn’t a bad day at all.

And now today. Well, I couldn’t say I’ve done something magical. Only went to the shop for some potatoes, cooked a meal(mum&dad are at work, so I have to cook today). But I really enjoy cooking, so that wasn’t something horrible to me. After doing this and other chores(like washing dishes,etc.) I watched a movie called “The social network”. It was actually pretty interesting, I recommend to watch if you want to learn about creation and stuff. Here’s a link of this movie–>>

After doing that I took a long walk with my dog at the local park. My dog was pretty happy. Maybe I’ll even post a photo of him later. He’s really cute and everybody likes him because he is very friendly. Also, I know that as for animal I should use “it” but my dog is a part of my family so I feel that I can call my dog HIM.  Anyways, after this, a.k.a. now, I’m writting at this blog. So I quess nothing more to tell. Well, maybe later I’ll watch some kind of movie. I don’t know yet..

Anyways, I think that’s it now. But before I end this I came up with this idea: every time when I’ll blog, I’ll post a link of a song that kind of describes my mood or it is just a song of a day. So here’s a song of today:

Why? I don’t know, it’s just this song that is stuck in my head all day.  So, that’s really all for today, so bye!(*Picture in the next post)

Back from the village

So, I’m back from my village :). I’ve been there for only 1day but I had a lot of fun. We played volleyball like the whole day. We ate one of my favorite dishes- šašlykai. It’s basically grilled pieces of some kind of meat but it is very delicious. Anyways, I’d write more,but my laptop started to crash,so I’ll finish later. Cya! 🙂


So, I’m continueing this ;D. The weekend was really enjoyable. We ate a lot, listened to music a lot, played with a ball a lot, chased my dog A LOT. So as you see, it was amazingally fun! I don’t think that there’s anything more to say about that :p. So I’ll just leave a link to a song that in my opinion suits that weekend. So, here it is–>>

I wish you the funniest, most interesting and most enjoyable your future weekends!


The recipe

So, here’s the recipe of one of the most delicious chocolate cake/pie ever:

  • 200g of black chocolate(this time I put 250 just for that choco flavor);
  • 180g of butter;
  • 200g of sugar;
  • 4 eggs;
  • 130g of flour;
  • 30g of cocoa powder;
  • 1 tea spoon of baking powder;

Melt the chocolate with butter. While these are melting, mix eggs and sugar together. Then put the melted choc+butter to the eggs mix. Finally put the rest of ingredients there(cocoa,flour,baking powder). When everything is mixed put it in your favorite baking form. You can even make muffins of this pastry. Then cook it in the oven of 180-200C for about 40-60 minutes. Check if it’s done with a wooden spoon or anything else wooden- if pastry doesn’t stick to the wooden spoon then the cake/pie is done. Enjoy! 🙂